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skill share

agata, magda, danuta, francis, david, kasia

SATURDAY  |  12:00-15:00

szkoła tańca jankowski

Every year at Willow Blues exchange we want to give you some dance inspiration that will widen your dance horizons. This year for the first time we decided to have a little skill share - workshops and tasters proposed by the WB guests. You will have a chance to try some meditation, spontaneous dancning, salsa in couples and west coast swing. 

find your way

ilona gumowska

SUNDAY  |  20:00-21:30

water tower (before the party)

The workshop will be based mainly on the intuitive movement inspired by images, engaging different senses and stimulating the imagination.


During the class we will explore the natural flow of movement, we will look for movements coordinated with breathing, as well as moments of surprises and pleasure derived from dance. Through the exercises which deal with motion in contact with the floor and body of the other person we will expand the awareness of our body in relation to the space and others. You will also work on specific improvisational tasks that will allow you to discover your own ways of movement.

Ilona is an experienced contemporary dancer, dance actress and dance teacher, currently a member of Teatr V6 and Teatr Tańca Zawirowania. 

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