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If you're staying in the city center, you are most probably in a walking distance from all the venues. 

If you'd rather not walk after the whole night of dancing, we higly recommend you use the local city bike. It's better to register first and pay the minimum starter's fare (it's 20 PLN). The bike stations are in many different locations, also near all the WB venues. First 20 minutes of using the bike is free, so there is a big chance you will not need to charge your account. Ever. 

>> city bike website

If you'd rather take a tram ride or get in the bus, you can download an app called JAK DOJADĘ or google maps, which will give you the best advices on how to go from one place to another. It's basically not possible to use the public transport without one of those, unless you don't mind asking people for directions. 

There is always taxi or uber/taxify. Taxi is better for a daytime use (they can avoid traffic and drive the roads that normal cars can't), Uber or Taxify is better in the night or if you go on a very long ride in the suburbs. 

You can install an app for taxi - search for Green Cab or MyTaxi.


by plane

check Ryanair or Lufthansa for direct flights to Lodz or look for some other cheap flights to Warsaw, Chopin Airport is 75 minute ride to Lodz, there is a bus going from both Chopin and Modlin airport (check: www.modlinbus.pl)

by bus

see www.flixbus.com if your'e coming from Berlin, Vienna, Prague and any other European cities.

by train

see www.pkp.pl

by car

we are here: 51°46′36″N 19°27′17″E, you can check www.blablacar.pl for a shared ride.



There are plenty of rooms in Łódź waiting for you, as well as a lot of good places where you can eat - wheter you need to grab a bite in the morning, get a nice lunch or eat some fast food after the party. 

We made a little map with our favourite places.

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