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krzemiński/frontczak (łódź) 

musical weakness (łódź)

guest dj's

start: 21:00 (dinner), 22:00 (music)

venue: u milscha (21 łąkowa str)

entry: free for wb guests, no single tickets

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daniel frontczak - guitar, vocak

piotr krzemiński - trąbka


danuta nowak - vocal

michał kędzierski - guitar

Not sure if it's even possible to find out what makes this place so special and where all the magic comes from. Maybe it's the ghost of its first resident, the brewery owner, Teodor Milsch, who built this villa in 1882. Maybe it's all about the current owners, who always greet us with open arms and never kick us out, even when we dance till 5 am. Maybe it's the home-like bar and the home-like food. Or the cat that wanders around. For us it' is our blues home. And we can't wait to show it to you!

And the music? The first duo of piotr krzemiński and daniel frontczak are two great musicians, who agreed to do this project together last year to make Agata's dream come true (well, it wasn't hte only or main reason). We liked it so much that we decided to make it our new tradition. Daniel is one of those musicians who love to play for dancers - so some good energy is guaranteed. And the sound of Piotr's trumpet you will most probably remember for a long time. 

Another duo that happened because of the dancing tries to be humblem, so called themselfs musical weakness, but believe us, the only weak thing here is their musical self esteem.


gargól/renz (łódź)

crossing wires (poznań)

guest dj's

start: 21:00 (dinner), 22:00 (music)

venue: big bang studio (piłsudskiego 135)

entry: 30 pln (free for wb guests)
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tomek gargól - piano, vocal

michał renz - cajun


zofia marcinkowska - vocal

łukasz pułkownik - guitar

michał dziedziniewicz - violin

karol paks - conga

Saturday party will be a combination of new and old. A new place on our blues map in an old postindustrial complex (it's the first time we organise a party there, so please be understanding). Big Bang Studio is located a little bit outside the city center, in a beautiful space with a very local character, a former textile factory built in 1887 and closed in 2009. It is now being rented by some companies from the creative industry sector and hopefully will be renovated in the neares future (cause it's so wonderful). Agata can tell you the whole story, if you want (she's a big fan).


During the evening we'll have a new musical project with Tomek Gargól on piano and Michał Renz on cajun. They sound pretty cool together.

But who doesn't like piano? And who doesn't like cajun? 


And as a cherry on top, or maybe just another cake, we'll host to the band that when played for us last year still haven't had a name, now they're coming back as Crossing Wires. You can be sure that Zosia with her insanely touching voice and the not-so-obvious combination of instruments will take you to some vere beautiful places.


guest dj's

start: 20:00 (workshops), 21:30 (party)

venue: wieża ciśnień / water tower 

entry: 30 pln (free for wb guests)
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You just got to see this place. A former water tower that used to play a very important role in the city's safety. Two years ago, thanks to Andrzej, a blues lover and a swing dancer, the place got its second life and became a dance-friendly space with a new lovely wooden flor. It's pretty rough, the stairs are really scary, but it has a lot of charm and we're 99% sure that you're gonna love it. 

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